Charmilles Roboform 2400 CNC Sinker EDM

Charmilles Roboform 2400 CNC Sinker EDM

Stock Number: 10977

Charmilles Roboform 2400

Age: 2000

Condition: Approx 21,000 Hours

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Max Workpiece:37.0" x 22.44" x 10.63"
Max Workpiece Weight:1,320 lbs
Worktank Size: 
Work Table: 
Dielectric Fluid Level:5.71" - 17.32"
Tank Type:Manual
Travels (X x Y x Z):12.60" x 8.66" x 12.60"
Feedback System:Linear Glass Scales
Dielectric Fluid Capacity: 
Filter Type:4 Paper Cartridges
Machine Weight (Each Machine):7,700 lbs
Machine Size (Each Machine):94.8" x 89.5" x 98.4"

Equipped With:
- Charmilles Control - System 3R Macro Chuck - C-Axis - System 3R 20 Position ATC - Fire Extinguisher System * Machining Time 20,991 Hours

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Charmilles Roboform 2400 CNC Sinker EDM
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